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Mineru Wachi (和知みねる, Wachi Mineru) is a character Megami-ryo no Ryobo-kun (anime). She is a fourth year student and lives in the Seikan's "Goddess Dormitory".


Mineru is a young woman with long green hair and purple eyes and wears glasses.


Mineru is a researcher who loves working with toxic gas, but due to that she often fails her experiments and even earned a nickname "Walking Toxic Gas Emitter". While working on her experiments, she feels most comfortable while just wearing panties and unbuttoned shirt. However, like Serene, she lacks common sense and decency as she sees no problem parading herself around in such a state near Koshi.


Mineru finds Koshi Nagumo collapsed on the street from hunger and takes him to her dorm. After giving him food and meeting the other residents, Mineru proposes he lives there and works as dorm mother. Initially Atena Saotome is against it, but later agrees.

Mineru would often come out of her room poorly dressed and tell the others that a toxic gas is spreading and they need to evacuate the dorm.




  • Mineru's name is based on Minerva, a goddess of wisdom and justice and Athena's Roman counterpart.
  • Mineru has a small fear of ghosts. This revelation led her to almost having a moment with Koshi. She is unsure if this was due to lust or fear.


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